Goodbye to the cold winter nights… Finally, meteorology confirms the beginning of spring at this time in Saudi Arabia

Meteorologists expect temperatures to rise gradually. On the other hand, Aqeel Al-Aqeel, a weather analyst at the National Center of Meteorology, reported that winter is expected to end after five days, so spring is supposed to begin at the beginning of March. Al-Aqeel also announced the possibility of Light snow rain falls on the highlands of Tabuk, and light to moderate rain is expected to continue to fall on Tabuk with some clouds. In addition, Al-Aqeel announced the end of the cold waves this week in most of the cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so a slight rise in maximum temperatures is expected gradually. Starting next week.

The beginning of spring

The beginning of spring

The weather of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is affected by a number of factors, including the geographical location as well as the terrain in the region, so the weather witnesses some changes throughout the year, as the weather is hot and dry in the summer, and sometimes the temperature exceeds 50 degrees Celsius, while it is moderate tending to cold. In the winter, there is also a chance of thunder rain and snow falling in a number of areas.

There are some northern places where temperatures are higher than neighboring areas, as desert weather is witnessed, but there are some coastal areas where the weather is more humid, and weather analyst Aqeel Al-Aqeel also predicted that the weather will be unstable during the next few days, as there is a possibility of a rise in temperatures. The temperature gradually becomes clear.

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Statement by the National Center of Meteorology

The beginning of spring

Some preliminary forecasts at the National Center of Meteorology indicated that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will enter the spring season starting next Saturday, after the end of the winter season on the first of March. The spring season is a transitional season between the seasons, and it has also been noted that the spring season is witnessing a state of Instability in temperatures, as the temperature rises and the atmosphere tends to be warm, and it is expected that all weather fluctuations in the various seasons will occur in one day. It is also expected that temperatures will continue to decrease in the month of March, with the possibility of light to moderate rain falling in some regions of the Kingdom, especially coastal places. .

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How long is the spring season in Saudi Arabia?

Starting from March until May.

When does spring start in Saudi Arabia 1445?

Spring begins in Saudi Arabia in March.

When is the weather moderate in Saudi Arabia?

During the fall semester of each year.

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