Haqq Arab series, Episode 3.. Aida Fahmy was hanged and Ahmed Al-Awadi was accused of killing her

Saw the third episode of Haqq Arab series Star Championship Ahmed Al-AwadiExciting events, where Hanan “Dina Fouad” asks Arab “Ahmed Al-Awadi” to go to her friend, his daughter, the mother, “Aida Fahmy” so that she can give her her phone after it is repaired, but he refuses because of the late hour and decides to go and give her the phone.

Arab went to Hosnia al-Daya’s house and knocked on the door, but found it open. When he entered the house, he was surprised by Hosnia’s hanging and death. At that moment, her daughter arrived, who screamed and accused Arab of killing her.

The third episode of Haqq Arab series A stranger agreed with him to kill Abd Rabbo, “Riyad Al-Kholi,” in exchange for a large sum of money, and he paid him part of the amount. Arab, “Ahmed Al-Awadi,” kept thinking all night, and in the morning he went with the bag of money to Abd Rabbo and told him what happened, and Abd Rabbo was happy with his reaction. Arabs and rewarded him with a large sum of money.
Events take place Haqq Arab series In the Jamaliyya region in our current time, with the master of the region, Abd Rabbo, a man in his seventies who is feared by everyone. Abd Rabbo has a brother, “Atwa,” who is always by his side and always obeys his older brother. One day, Abd Rabbo discovers that one of his three close men is betraying him, and here it is. Ezzat Al-Suwerki appears as an honorable man. Ezzat is the closest person to Abd Rabbo, and when he meets Sabah Al-Jayash, we return to a past full of events.

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