Haqq Arab series…stories of children who killed their fathers

Witness Episode 1 of Haqq Arab seriesChampionship Ahmed Al-Awadi on channel ON At 12.00 am exclusively on screen ON Simultaneously with its presentation on platform watch itartist research Riyad Al-Kholy About an interpretation of the dream that he always had, which was that he was descending a large ladder, and after descending he found a box containing a large snake and next to it a small egg, and from the egg came another small snake that began to enlarge and wrap around the larger snake until it killed it, and the dream interpreter told him at the time that the meaning of that dream was He will have a son from his own blood and he will kill him, so we will review for you cases of sons killing their fathers in history.

Lucius Histius was reported to have been Rome’s first patricide, sometime after the Second Punic War, and Tullia, who arranged with her husband to kill her father, overthrow him and secure the offer for her husband. Mary Blandy also poisoned her father, Francis Blandy, with arsenic in England in 1751. Lizzie Borden (1860) -1927) She was an American woman who was accused of killing her father and stepmother and was acquitted. Johann of Austria also killed his uncle Albert I, King of Germany, in 1308, because he was deprived of his inheritance.

Japanese criminal law once stipulated that the penalty for patricide was death or life imprisonment, and that law was abolished due to the trial of the Toshigi patricide case, in which a woman killed her father in 1968 after he assaulted her.

Heroes of the Haqq Arab series

The Haqq Arab series stars a large group of stars, most notably: Ahmed Al-Awadi, Dina Fouad, Riad Al-Khouly, Wafaa Amer, Walid Fawaz, Donia Al-Masry, Caroline Azmy, Ahmed Siam, Salwa Othman, Wafaa Makki, Ahmed Abdullah Mahmoud, Mido Maher, Child Monther Mahran.

The story of the Haqq Arab series

Events begin in the Al-Jamaliya region in our current time with the master of the region, Abd Rabbo, a man in his seventies who is feared by everyone. Abd Rabbo has a brother called Atwa who is always by his side and always obeys his older brother. One day, Abd Rabbo discovers that one of his three close men is betraying him.

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