Has Nasrallah folded? “He hasn’t been planning to do a big operation for a long time”

The former head of the mechanism for security coordination between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Dr. Moshe Elad, spoke this morning (Monday) with Gadi Ness on Radio North 104.5FM about the many security tensions leading up to the month of Ramadan, as well as the northern arena.

“It drives Nasrallah crazy”: Israel put Lebanon in a difficult corner

“If I look at the last 30 years, there were years when they asked what Ramadan was, and there were years when there were severe storms around this month, it’s always a function of assessing the situation, in the last 10 years there was almost no quiet Ramadan and that’s because they have a method, they They start incitement a month before Ramadan and then come to it with the hot winds. We need to point all the arrows on this issue at the Palestinians, they started with this incitement and there are also those inside the territories of Israel who learned from them, as happened in Acre,” said Dr. Elad at the beginning of his remarks.

Regarding Yahya Sinwar’s conduct, he said: “We are conducting negotiations with him when he is deep in the ground and look what it is, the president of the USA and all the parties are waiting for Mr. Sinwar to speak out, he wants to play on society’s nerves on the issue of the abductees, to set the whole world on fire on the issue of the East High school. What interests him is achieving his goal and he doesn’t care what happens along the way. Even now wherever he is, he sacrifices his entire people and it doesn’t interest him.”

Regarding the possibility of a massive war in the north, he explained: “Let’s start with the fact that there was a demand from the Iranian Foreign Minister who does not come every Monday and Thursday, and when he came, everyone understood that he came to cool the spirits because Nasrallah had already come to carry out a retaliatory operation and he came to calm him down. Nasrallah also has constraints Especially the Shiites in southern Lebanon are very difficult, they absorb most of the damage and ask him to stop, and the Lebanese government also makes it difficult for him not to bring Lebanon into the fighting. That is why Nasrallah has not been planning to carry out such a major operation for a long time, what he is doing is a war of attrition, shedding blood on the enemy, he enjoys it to see bloodletting on our side, but in recent months he has no longer enjoyed seeing the bloodletting on his side. I currently assess from the way it looks, if we don’t initiate something, he won’t initiate. We will have to make our own assessment of the situation, how to restore the safety belt.” .

Edited by: Eric Barchad

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