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Qais Al-Saadi, persecuted by the occupation, escapes again… and Hamas denounces the attempt to “kidnap” him.


Palestinian Authority security forces shot Qais al-Saadi, a prominent leader in the Al-Qassam Brigades – the military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), who has been wanted by Israeli security forces for two years. Al-Saadi was moderately injured but managed to escape.

Al-Aqsa Channel, affiliated with the movement, confirmed that Al-Saadi was injured by Palestinian security bullets during an attempt to arrest him in the Jenin camp in the northern occupied West Bank.

Local media broadcast the moment the Palestinian security services pursued the liberated prisoner, Qais al-Saadi – who was being chased by the occupation – in the vicinity of the camp, and he survived the arrest attempt.

Al-Saadi was able to escape from the hands of the Authority’s security forces, who opened fire on him from a close range, according to what eyewitnesses reported to Palestinian media.

Al Jazeera’s correspondent reported that armed clashes took place between the Palestinian security services and resistance fighters in the Jenin camp after an attempt to arrest Al-Saadi. The clashes took place after the Authority’s security services deployed in the Al-Hadaf neighborhood in the vicinity of the Jenin camp and besieged Al-Saadi.

Hamas tracked

In a statement today, Sunday, Hamas denounced the attempt by the Authority’s security services to “kidnap” Al-Saadi (one of its leaders in Jenin), shooting him and wounding him, declaring its rejection of “this unpatriotic behavior that comes after the Moscow meeting, which emphasized the unity of the national ranks and support for the resistance in the face of The brutal Zionist occupation.”

The statement held the Authority’s security services and leadership fully responsible for the safety of Al-Saadi and his fellow resistance fighters who were being pursued by the occupation army.

Hamas stressed that the continuation of the Authority’s security services in carrying out security coordination roles and pursuing, arresting, and attempting to assassinate resistance fighters, as happened with Al-Saadi today, in light of the ongoing massacre against the people of Gaza and the destructive war waged by the occupation army, indicates “a security policy that skews the compass away from the national interests of our people.” “.

The occupation army tried more than once to arrest and assassinate the resistance fighter Qais Al-Saadi. In 2015, the occupation forces bombed Al-Saadi’s house in the Jenin camp with incendiary shells and then blew him up, but he survived. Then they arrested him in 2017, and he was released in 2021.

The occupation has resumed its pursuit of him since then, and the pace of operations in the West Bank has increased since the start of Operation “Al-Aqsa Flood” on October 7 of last year.

Source : Aljazeera live + Palestinian media

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