His condition is unstable.. Latest developments on the condition of player Ahmed Refaat in Alexandria.. Video

Youm7 conducted a live broadcast from in front of a hospital in central Alexandria Governorate, where he is receiving Player Ahmed Refaat Future Club player undergoing treatment in the intensive care room of a hospital near Alexandria Stadium.

The latest developments in Ahmed Refaat’s condition were that the condition is still unstable and requires the prayers of millions of Egyptians. The medical staff has not been able to transfer the player to a hospital specializing in heart diseases yet, due to the danger to the player’s life if he is transferred in light of the instability of his condition.

One of the medical sources at the hospital revealed that the player, Ahmed Refaat, had the necessary medical procedures performed until his heartbeat was restored and he was transferred to the intensive care department, under medical follow-up, and that the player is currently on a ventilator under careful medical observation because his condition is critical and unstable. We hope from God that his lovers pray for his recovery.

A state of panic gripped the Egyptian fans in general and football fans in particular, after the sudden fall of Ahmed Refaat, the Modern Future playmaker, during his team’s match against Al-Ittihad of Alexandria, where the player suddenly fell unconscious without any intervention, which sparked a state of terror among his teammates.

Immediately after he fell on the field, medical equipment rushed to the player to bring him back to consciousness, but to no avail due to the heart stopping. He was immediately transferred to a hospital near the Alexandria Stadium, which was witnessing the match. After intense attempts by the doctors, the player began to gradually regain consciousness. After his heart stopped for a period of approximately an hour and a half.

Dr. Abdel Aziz Qanswa, President of Alexandria University, checked on the condition of the Modern Future Club’s first football team player, Ahmed Refaat, and contacted Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, and Dr. Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, to convey the picture about his health condition, against the backdrop of Yesterday, he suffered a circulatory collapse and a heart attack while participating in the Al-Ittihad and Modern Future match at Alexandria Stadium.

It turned out that player Ahmed Refaat fell suddenly during the course of the second half of the match, which ended in a goalless draw between Al-Ittihad Alexandria and Future. The technical staff called an ambulance that moved onto the field to transport the player to a nearby hospital, as the player fell suddenly without any intervention or intervention. Participation in the game, and the necessary aid is being provided.

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