Houria Farghali to “Wash Tani”: “My mother took me to a psychiatrist and I am a copy

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Friday, March 1, 2024

The artist, Houria Farghaly, was a guest on the “Wish Tani” program, which is shown on the official YouTube channel of the Masrawy website, and presented by the journalist Mustafa Yassin.

During the episode, Houria Farghali spoke about her childhood, her personality, her parents, and her stepmother, saying: “My childhood was not completely happy. It was a bit like Cinderella, and my parents and mother divorced while I was 48 hours old. I started speaking when I was 7 years old, and my mother took me to a psychiatrist.”

She continued: “The father’s wife was a little slanderous, may God have mercy on her, and the ugliest day in my life is the day my grandmother died, and I could not go, wash her, or bury her because I respected my aunt and my father because there were no cameras, and I am a copy of her in the matter of the womb, my hair, my body, and my height like her. That’s why they named me.” A mermaid after her name.

She continued: “My father lives to study and is doing his 12th doctorate. He is now 77 years old and the sixth best surgeon in the world. I don’t like to get into something that I am convinced I will not succeed in, and all my life I remember the days when I relied on myself and worked to spend on myself.”

She explained: “I have had an independent personality all my life, and I have not been raised in a family. If one day comes to write a doctoral thesis, I will choose the easiest thing, a diet doctor, and if one day comes I will get rid of a bad habit, it will be cigarettes.”

Houria Farghaly added: “If one day comes that I give an award to someone, it will be my niece, Malak, who is 25 years old, because she finished her studies in England and came here and opened her own business and began to succeed, all without help.”
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