How much is the Social Security pension upgraded in Ramadan after the recent royal increase?

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development through Social Security launched a new service within a group of services that many segments of Saudi society benefit from, especially those benefiting from the developed security program. It launched the estimated calculator service that works to determine the value of the estimated entitlement for pensioners, enabling them to be independent. Material, along with knowing the value of the pension, and this comes within the framework of Saudi Arabia achieving its vision for the year 2030 for the sake of developing and upgrading the Kingdom.

The value of the advanced Social Security pension after the increase

The value of the developed social security pension

The Ministry of Human Resources enables citizens to know the value of the pension they receive through platform initiatives that help support categories of pensioners. The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security revealed the Estimated Calculator Initiative that this service can make it easier for the retiree to know the value of his monthly salary. The steps for using Social Security are as follows:

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Complaints requests for Social Security developed for the year 1445

The value of the developed social security pension

The financial complaints service provides citizens with the ability to file complaints regarding a deficiency in the value of the pension beyond the value that should be obtained in accordance with the list of standards and provisions for the developed social security platform. This situation requires the citizen to file a complaint before 30 days have passed, starting from the day the monthly salary was disbursed. This is The method for submitting a complaint to Social Security is as follows:

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Support numbers for the developed social security platform

The Social Security platform provides contact numbers on the platform if one of the beneficiaries encounters a problem, so the contact numbers for the support platform are as follows:

  • Contact number: 19911, which is the only number available 24 hours a day.

When is Social Security disbursed?

At the beginning of every calendar month.

When does Social Security pay stop?

In the event that eligibility conditions are not met.

My salary is 6000. Am I eligible for insurance?

Yes, if the number of family members is not less than 8.

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