How to register in the Muhammad bin Salman marriage certificate 1445 with the ID number and receive more than 22 thousand riyals

Marriage is God’s law in life, and young people seek to cover the costs of marriage, while others are unable to do so due to their poverty and lack of resources. This is why many people ask about the method of registering in the Muhammad bin Salman Marriage Bond, which is one of the initiatives to help young people get married. Your platform website We will learn how to register in the Sanad Mohammed bin Salman Marriage Initiative.

What are the conditions for Sanad Mohammed bin Salman’s marriage initiative?

How to register in Mohammed bin Salman’s marriage certificate

We will learn about the conditions of the Sanad Mohammed bin Salman marriage initiative, in the following points:

  • The applicant for this document must have a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • The salary of the applicant for this bond shall not exceed four thousand Saudi riyals.
  • Both husband and wife must be Saudis.
  • The age of the person planning to get married ranged between twenty and forty years.
  • The age of the woman getting married ranged between eighteen and forty years.
  • Passing the family awareness course at least sixty years old.
  • Priority is given to children of martyrs and orphans.
  • The value of the dowry does not exceed fifty Saudi riyals.
  • It is required that both husband and wife be virgins.

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What are the steps to register in the Sanad Marriage Initiative?؟

We will learn what the steps are for registering in the Sanad Marriage Initiative, by following the following steps:

  1. Enter the official website of the Sanad Mohammed bin Salman website, by clicking on the following direct link from “here“.
  2. Click on the marriage certificate box.
  3. Read each specific term and condition and agree to them all.
  4. Enter the information that the site requests from you.
  5. Confirm the button to accept the conditions and pledge to agree to them.
  6. Wait for the confirmation message that your application has been sent successfully.

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What are the goals? Sanad Mohammed bin Salman marriage initiative?

We will learn about the objectives of the Sanad Mohammed bin Salman Marriage Initiative, in the following points:

  • Providing the money an individual needs for marriage.
  • Reducing the rate of spinsterhood in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Spreading chastity in society through its only means.
  • Protecting young men and women from unjust paths during this period of life.
  • Supporting young people to marry at a young age.
  • Increasing the number of features of Saudi society.
  • Providing financial aid to the poor is a prominent role and one of the most important roles of the government.
  • Protecting society in general from the dangers of difficulty and delay in marriage.

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This was the conclusion of our article about a payment of up to 20 thousand riyals…the method of registering in the Muhammad bin Salman marriage bond. Through it, we learned about a number of matters related to this matter that many people interested in this matter desire, and we ask God Almighty to grant success to all young people. To get married and make it easier for them to get married.

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