“Human Resources” clarifies the categories eligible for Ramadan aid and the date for disbursing the royal blessing in 1445

Pending the issuance of the royal order to disburse the royal blessing for the advanced security, millions of citizens in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who benefit from social security support are waiting impatiently. They hope to obtain the necessary support to meet their needs during the holy month of Ramadan, especially in light of the high prices of food and basic commodities. News is circulating about the date of disbursing the royal generosity of 2,000 riyals per family and the categories eligible for Ramadan 1445 aid.

The date of disbursement of the royal favor is 1445

A lot of news has been circulating about Disbursement of the royal reward for the developed guarantee During the first week of the holy month of Ramadan, but the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development denied these rumors and confirmed that so far the generous royal order has not been issued specifying the date of disbursement. However, it must be noted that the assistance will be provided during the month of Ramadan, but the exact date has not been determined. Until now.

Categories eligible for Ramadan aid 1445

The target groups for Ramadan aid support have been identified by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development for the current year, and these groups include:

  • Beneficiaries of advanced social security support.
  • Abandoned, divorced and widowed women.
  • Wives of prisoners, addicts, and unfit people.
  • Orphans who lost their parents and do not have a monthly income.
  • Older people who cannot work.
  • People with chronic diseases, infirmities and disabilities.
  • Poor families and people with limited income.
  • People who are unemployed due to disability or illness.

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