Ilan, father of Alem Assaf Hammi: My wife always said that there is a windbreaker over Assaf that protects him


Ilan, the father of Col. Assaf Hammi who fell on Black Shabbat and his body was abducted to Gaza: “He was a man who knew what he was doing, at Shava they called him the Admor”

The late Col. Assaf Hammi, 41 years old from Kiryat Ono, the commander of the southern brigade, fell in battle on the morning of Black Sabbath on October 7 and his body was kidnapped by Hamas to the Gaza Strip. Ilan Hammi, Assaf’s father, told about his feelings following the unrelenting longing.

“It’s collecting, the giving, not necessarily in the material aspect,” he said painfully. “His giving is to the people of Israel to the Jewish people, it is to give meaning to everyone. Memorial Day is the most important day for the Jewish people, we need to remember that all those who fell in Israel’s systems, should be given real meaning. Assaf would go from cemetery to cemetery, if it was a soldier Givati ​​who fell or friends who fell, and only after that he would take off his uniform and come to the family to be with us and remember my brother who also fell.”

He also said: “We raised two sons at home, we raised them to be people, human beings, with values. The rest was theirs, each went to his field. He started in the Givat patrol as a soldier. There is always concern for parents, for every parent whose son serves in a combat unit. My wife always She said that Assaf has a windbreaker that protects him. He was a person who knew what he was doing and quickly understood what he was doing. We also saw it in the last incident on October 7. He understood that people who live within the borders must be saved first in them. That’s what he should have done.”

“At seven they called Assaf the Rebbe,” he emphasized at the end. “I called him Moshe Rabbnu. He left us here the ten commandments of values. We established a pre-military preparatory school in Beit Yanai, they understood that Assaf’s legacy needs to be promoted because the issue of discourse within society is really important to us. We need to change the discourse here.”

Editing: Michal Kadosh


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Assaf Hammi

Assaf Hammi &nbsp| Photo: IDF spokesman

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