In detail: Hamas’ offer for a ceasefire in Gaza

The Hamas movement presented to the mediators a vision for a ceasefire in Gaza that includes a first phase that includes “the release of women, children, the elderly, and sick Israelis in exchange for the release of a number ranging from 700 to a thousand Palestinian prisoners, including 100 who are serving life sentences and high sentences,” according to the proposal that I reviewed. On it Reuters.

This number includes 100 Palestinian prisoners serving life sentences in Israeli prisons in exchange for the release of “female soldiers.”

According to the proposal, I mentioned Hamas It will agree to a date for a permanent ceasefire after the first exchange of hostages for prisoners.

And I mentioned agitation In the proposed deadline for Israeli withdrawal from Gaza It will be agreed upon after the first stage.

She added that all detainees on both sides will be released in the second phase of the plan.

The Israeli position

For its part, the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office stated Benjamin Netanyahu A new truce proposal in the Gaza Strip presented by Hamas to the mediators on Thursday is still based on “unrealistic demands.”

The statement explained that a statement on the matter would be submitted to the war cabinet and the expanded Council of Ministers on Friday.

And you believe Israel 134 hostages remain in Gaza after the attack launched by Hamas on towns in southern Israel on October 7, which resulted in the killing of 1,200 people and the detention of 253 others.

Since then, Israel’s air, sea and land assault on besieged Gaza has killed more than 31,000 people and injured more than 72,880, according to health authorities in the Strip.

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