In pictures: North Korea shows off the capabilities of its tanks in front of Leader Kim

North Korean Central News Agency reported that leader Kim Jong Un supervised a military parade in which tank units participated on Wednesday.

And express Kim About his “great satisfaction” with a new type of… Tanks The main fighter successfully demonstrated his abilities in his first performance in what the news agency described as a “training match.”

The agency said that this military event was held to strictly examine the actual combat capabilities of tank crews and make them familiar with methods of combat work in various tactical missions.

“Heavy tanks quickly make their way through the worst combat conditions, simultaneously hitting targets with powerful strikes and penetrating strong defense lines with high maneuverability,” the report stated.

Kim was joined at the event by senior officials, including Defense Minister Kang Sun-nam.

Kim also stressed the need to organize extensive training exercises simulating actual war and training matches to enhance combat capabilities to be able to carry out any combat mission quickly and accurately in any situation. Emergency.

According to the news agency, the training included units near the border located within firing range of the “enemy capital,” in reference to South Korean capital Seoul has a population of about 10 million people.

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