In the video – Ahmed Al-Sabki opens fire on Yasmine Sabry and reveals a surprise about Mohamed Ramadan

In his interview within the “RESTART” program presented by media personality Dalia Al-Matbouli, producer Ahmed Al-Sabki revealed his opinion of the artist Yasmine Sabry, after the Al-Sabki Foundation produced several films for her.

Al-Sabki opened fire on Yasmine Sabry, saying: “Yasmine Sabry does not write a movie script, and her beauty prevails over her talent,” indicating that the audience sees her appearance before they recognize her talent.

Al-Sabki saw this matter as a double-edged sword, as he said: “When the audience feels satisfied with the artist’s beauty, they move to search for her talent in acting,” explaining: “Every beautiful girl wants to be an actress.” He continued: “If an actress has beauty along with talent, this is a very good thing, but if there is no talent, the audience will only see a sweet picture of a beautiful woman, and whether she speaks or not speaks, it will not make any difference.”

Ahmed Al-Sabki made a surprise about Yasmine Sabry’s participation in his films, saying: “She was the one who offered me to work with me without pay just to appear in my films.”

Regarding the reasons for his stopping the production of the artist Mohamed Ramadan, Al-Sabki said that he refused to renew the contract between him and Ramadan, after the failure of the movie “Diesel” and its failure to achieve high revenues. As he suffered huge losses because of the film.

Al-Sobki confirmed that Ramadan asked him to renew his contract with him at the same value as his previous wage, which amounted to eight million pounds, but he refused and assured him that his last film had exposed him to great losses, and his wages must be reduced to four million pounds to compensate for these losses. In turn, Ramadan rejected Al-Sobki’s request; Things reach a dead end between them.

Al-Sabki indicated that he did not agree or disagree with Muhammad Ramadan, explaining that Ramadan had contracted with other companies to produce his artistic works, and that his focus now was on singing, and if he wanted to work with him, he would not refuse, saying: “Sometime Muhammad Ramadan asks for my work, and it is not a little.” the origin”.

Ahmed Al-Sabki revealed that he had contracted with comedian Mohamed Saad for a new film, stressing that he is one of the best female comedians in Egypt. He said: “Mohamed Saad is the person who made Egypt laugh the most and will have the largest budget for comedy films in Egypt.” Al-Sabki also stated that Mohamed Saad is eager to compete for the list of the highest-grossing films at the Egyptian cinema box office, and this film will fulfill his dream.

Al-Sabki also explained that the company is preparing to surprise the audience with the return of star Mohamed Saad to the box office, especially since he is considered one of the stars who have achieved successive successes with the company, and work is now underway to finish writing the film’s script and nominate the rest of the artists participating in it in preparation for starting filming it soon.

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