In the video – Muslim continues his fiery statements, and this is what he said about Amr Diab and Mohamed Ramadan

In the second part of his episode on the “Asrar” program, presented by broadcaster Amira Badr on “Al-Nahar” channel, festival singer Muslim continued his fiery statements, commenting on his comparison to singing stars and festival singers, stressing that he does not consider himself among popular festival singers.

Muslim said: “The song “Ya Asfar” was inspired by my imagination and there was a problem with us at that time, and it is Glory be to God that I succeeded, and I sang it to someone who was my very friend, and now I am my beloved and I am dying for him, and he is a hazelnut. It was a problem when we were young and he came out before me and he is respected and… The people who made me miserable, and when we got famous for each other, we got an eye that kept us apart from each other, so he provoked me with words, so I responded to him with the work, and I sang it, and we were envious because we had so much success with each other, like the song “Khattar Gayba” 140 million and making the album “Maksar Masr.”

He continued: “The comparison between me and Issam Sasa is a badass. Each one is successful in his own way, and I do not see myself with other countries. This does not mean that they are brutal. I created a song for me. I do not see a competitor for me, and when I sing with anyone, I put my song down, and I like it.” The most beautiful thing I do is, I don’t want to compete with anyone but myself, and I’m greedy for human beings.”

Regarding his opinion of Amr Diab, Muslim said: “He is higher than Amr Diab, and Hussein Al Jasmi is the highest person in the world for me, and Amr Diab is 40 years old at the top because he is always dismissed and hidden, and I prefer to be distinguished like Saad just because he is silent, and Amr Diab does not need anyone to imitate him because His voice is normal, and not vocally strong, but you like it when you hear him. As for me both, if God honored me and I stood in front of him, we would see this point, because it will be people’s opinion, and I am 23 years old and I am doing this, so don’t mind if I am 30 years old, I will reach two levels!”

He continued: “My soul was in need before I became famous, and I remained addicted to clothing, and my soul is in it, and I have needs that I can get from the outside, and I bring cooler clothes than “Gucci” and “Dior,” and I love clothes, and I buy clothes for 200 thousand a month.”

He continued by saying: “On the day of the engagement, I wore chiffon for something different, and I love something strange, and I went to the El Alamein party in a group top, and I love these crazy things, and the attack is a success, and this Saidi race is for other things, and I love fashion, but I have never worn earrings or had a tattoo, and my strange clothes are the requirements of my work, but I don’t walk with him in the street.”

He added: “I have a lust for work and money, and I am my own business manager, and I love money very much. Money does everything, and it is able to make people who were not able to look at you look at you, and because I was raised not like this generation, I and those who work with me, and for me money is not everything.” But now I still believe that money is everything.”

As for the artist Mohamed Ramadan, Muslim commented, saying: “My opinion of Mohamed Ramadan is that he is successful, and what he does is personal freedom, but I never do that, because I make the money for myself. I don’t like someone who is still trying hard to see what I have and get upset and upset, because I was in his place one day.” For days, Sultan Al-Shen and I are sisters and we talk well, and I have never envied anyone.”

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