Inspired by the thresholds of joy… see a rare picture of Shahateen in the 19th century

He got Thresholds of Joy series During its presentation, a wide audience of viewers was impressed, as it was among the most watched series on channel dmc, On a platform watch itAs part of the Ramadan 2024 drama, starring the artist Yahya Al-Fakharani.

During episode 3 of Thresholds series Al-Bahjah appeared as “Fella” Hanadi Muhanna, standing inside a kiosk, angry at one of the customers who was trying to touch her hands while telling her, “Leave the rest.” She responded angrily, “Take the rest, you beggar.” Shehata is a widespread phenomenon in all countries of the world, and is punishable by law. , due to demanding money from people by begging the emotion aroused in them through the appearance in which the beggar appears.

Shahateen, 19th century
Shahateen, 19th century

That is why we publish a picture of a group of beggars or beggars, in the late nineteenth century, around 1890 AD, published by the official page for the people of Egypt in the past.

Episode 2 witnessed Fella (Hanady Muhanna) posting a video of herself on the “Tik Tok” website, and Tita (Anba) quarrels with Fella and asks her not to appear on Tik Tok again, but Fella refuses, and a quarrel breaks out between them.

Bahjat (Yahya Al-Fakharani) and Nanaa (Jumana Murad) are deported in the police car, and Irfan (Salah Abdullah) decides to reach Michael in order to release Bahjat, and he actually succeeds in getting him to the police station. Hanafi “Mohsen Mansour” goes to work, where the children are. The streets and gives them instructions on how to sell goods on the street.

The United Media Services Company was keen to show the series “Thresholds of Joy” by star Yahya Al-Fakharani, accompanied by sign language, to facilitate viewing for people of determination.

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