Institute of Security Assistants.. The Ministry of Interior announces the application date, conditions and places of application

The Ministry of the Interior announced the opening of applications for the eighth batch of the Institute of Security Assistants, which is considered an important step in the framework of providing job opportunities and vocational education, as the Institute allows holders of a preparatory certificate the opportunity to register in an educational program that extends for 18 months, while providing a fixed salary throughout the period of study, Which makes it a distinctive choice for young people who are ambitious to achieve professional stability and join the Ministry of Interior.

Registration and application requirements at the Institute of Security Assistants

Registration opportunities are open to all holders of a preparatory certificate, regardless of the grade, and it is required that they not belong to conscripts or those attached to service in the police until the end of their recruitment period.

How to apply to the Security Institute of the Ministry of Interior

To apply, you must visit the official website of the Ministry of Interior by clicking here. The application period begins on May 18 and continues until June 27, with exams beginning on May 25 in police training centers.

Institute of Security Assistants exam dates

  • Institute of Security Assistants in Tora: Includes the governorates of Cairo and neighboring areas.
  • Institute of Security Assistants in Beheira: Includes Alexandria and other Delta governorates.
  • Individuals Rehabilitation Institute in Sohag: Includes the governorates of Upper Egypt.
  • Institute of Security Assistants in 6th of October: Includes Giza governorates and surrounding areas.

Young people wishing to join the Institute of Security Assistants affiliated with the Egyptian Ministry of Interior have a unique opportunity to gain high-quality professional education and a future job in the field of security and safety.

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