Iran’s attack on Israel and the text of Article 2 of the US Constitution… The former NATO commander warns Tehran

(CNN)-Retired General John Allen, former NATO commander, reminded Iran of the second paragraph of the US Constitution and its relationship The American response to any Iranian attack targeting Israel Following the targeting of its consulate in Damascus.

Allen explained in an interview with CNN“It is important for the Iranians to remember that the American people and the Israeli people are closely linked in many respects, and there are thousands of Americans in Israel, and therefore an attack on Israel in many respects is an attack on the American people. President Biden has an Article II and constitutional responsibility to protect Americans, and that is why he addressed Today’s topic on Iran is advice and warning to avoid attacking Israel..”

And about Israel’s military capabilitiesAllen said: “Israel’s missile and air defense systems are made up of layers. Our Iron Dome is supported by an anti-ballistic missile system. It is very complex and well-connected and Israel used it to defend the northern regions and population centers.”

On Friday, Biden said that he expected an attack from Iran “sooner rather than later,” after Tehran vowed revenge after accusing Israel of launching an attack on its consulate in Syria about two weeks ago..

Biden added to reporters at the White House in response to a question about the imminence of an attack on Israel: “I do not want to delve into classified information, but my expectations are that it will happen sooner rather than later.” When asked about his message to Tehran, he said: “Don’t do that.”

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