Israel and Hezbollah: Is a comprehensive conflict approaching between the two sides?

image source, Reuters

  • Author, Mark Lewin
  • Role, BBC News – Jerusalem

Since the beginning of the war in Gaza, after the Hamas attack on southern Israel on October 7, the dominant concern has been the expansion of the conflict and the occurrence of more bloody waves.

The day after Hamas launched its attack, and as a sign of solidarity with the Palestinian movement, the Lebanese Hezbollah group fired guided missiles and missiles towards Israel, prompting the latter to respond with artillery and drones.

In light of Israel’s feeling of shock and vulnerability, and with its Prime Minister struggling for political survival, can Israel resort to considering that the threat threatening it from the north in Lebanon needs to be neutralized?

The concern is the possibility that Benjamin Netanyahu’s government will find something tempting to open a second front in the war against Hezbollah – a group that shares Hamas’ determination to undermine Israel. If this happens, and Israel opens a second front, will this attract Iran – the main sponsor of Hezbollah in the region and an outright enemy of the United States -?

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