Issam Omar: “The United Nations” is concerned with the advancement of youth… and the success of “Compulsory Path” exceeded my expectations – Art

This year, the United Media Services Company gave full space to young artists, as the young artist Issam Omar succeeded in drawing the attention of the public in Egypt and the Arab world, through his participation in the series “Compulsory Path,” which belongs to the 15-episode type, alongside the artist Ahmed Dash, where they presented two characters. It touches the lives of all young people, and the series was shown in the first half of the month of Ramadan in a suspenseful framework full of mystery and excitement, and it was directed by Nadine Khan.

For his part, Issam Omar said, in special statements to Al-Watan, that “United” plays an important role in escalating young people and giving them opportunities and space to present their talents to the public in artistic works, which is what happened with him in the series “Balto,” which achieved great success. He did not expect it, and added: “The United Company always follows the theory of giving opportunities to the talented, and we saw that this year in the Ramadan race through the series Masar Egbari, which I starred alongside Ahmed Dash, and this is an indication of the development of the drama market.”

He pointed out that the success of the Masar Egbari series in Ramadan is a gain for an entire generation, continuing: “The United Company has provided us with all means to present good work worthy of the Egyptian and Arab audience,” noting that he seeks to present topics from the heart of the street, so that they are close to the audience, and they feel the sincerity of its characters. They unite with her, hoping that his choices will be admired by viewers and critics.

He continued that he was happy to cooperate with Ahmed Dash because he has a distinguished talent, adding: “The scenes of the work were full of laughter all the time, but there were difficult scenes, most notably the will scene, and all the time I was thinking with Dash to show the work in a different way.”

Masar Egbari series, starring: Sabreen, Basma, Juri Bakr, Nour Mahmoud, Mai Al-Ghaity, Rushdi Al-Shami, Yasmina Al-Abd, Moaz Nabil, Mohsen Mansour, Jihad Hossam, Noreen Abu Saada, Ibrahim Al-Zayadi, Walid Al-Maghazi, and a number of other artists, scenario and dialogue. : Amin Gamal, Mohamed Mahrez, Mina Bebawi, and directed by Nadine Khan.

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