Jana’s first comment on Shahd Saeed’s participation in the Olympics

Jana Aliwa hopes that player Shahd Saeed will participate in the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics, because she is confident that she will come in last place in the cycling race, according to what she said in televised statements on Thursday morning.

Shahd Saeed will represent Egypt at the Paris 2024 Olympics, competing in the cycling race from July 26 to August 11.

The news of the Cycling Federation’s approval of Shahd Saeed’s participation in the 2024 Paris Olympics sparked controversy in the Egyptian sports community, against the backdrop of the incident of her intentionally colliding with Janna Aliwa’s bike, causing the latter to fall to the ground during the Republic Race last April, which caused her to temporarily lose her memory and suffer various injuries, the biggest of which was to her shoulder.

Investigations proved that Shahad’s collision with Jenna was deliberate, and she was suspended from participating in local races for a year and fined.

Yallakora reveals the sequence of the bicycle crisis between “Shahd and Jenna” before the Olympics

In her first comment, Jana Aliwa said in statements to Sada El Balad TV channel: “I have regained my memory, but I am not yet 100% ready to ride a bike.”

She continued about how she felt after the announcement of Shahd Saeed’s participation in the 2024 Paris Olympics: “I am the only one in Egypt who hopes for her participation in the Olympics because I trust her to come in last place in the cycling race.”

She added: “Shahd has never won a local race. I don’t mean to belittle her, but this is her athletic level.”

Jenna recalled what happened in the race last April: “We had an argument in the Republic Race before she collided with me, and she used foul language towards me. It was clear that this incident was based on instructions from her coach.”

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