Jason Day, Malbon Golf show off wild scripting during Masters in Augusta

PGA Tour player Jason Day’s Malbon Golf scripting on Friday drew wide reaction to the vest featuring a giant MALBON CHAMPIONSHIP GOLF logoGetty Images

PGA Tour player Jason Day’s Malbon Golf scripting on Friday at the Masters was “somehow worse” than what he wore on Thursday, a pair of slacks “so large that everyone made MC Hammer parachute pants jokes,” according to Charles Curtis of USA TODAY. Day on Friday was sporting a “giant MALBON CHAMPIONSHIP GOLF logo that’s just … a lot.” Golf fans “ragged on the veteran golfer once again by commenting on the fit,” though Malbon is likely “getting their money’s worth here” (USA TODAY, 4/12). CBS’ Verne Lundquist during Friday’s conclusion of Round 1 said Day “seems determined to make a fashion statement” between the vest and pants (N.Y. POST, 4/12). GOLF MONTHLY’s Elliott Heath notes Malbon has “plenty of vests for sale on its website but it appears that Day’s is a one-off Masters special,” as it does not appear there (GOLF MONTHLY, 4/12).

HIP-HOP LOOK: SI’s Jeff Ritter noted Day decided to “turn back the clock” with his choice to wear “nostalgic baggy pants” for the first round. That style of pants were “famously prominent within the 1990’s hip-hop scene” (SI, 4/12). GOLF DIGEST’s Stephen Hennessey wrote Day’s latest pair of slacks “ramped up to another level” on Thursday. For some casual fans, it is “likely the first time they’re seeing the very different attire Day is rocking this year.” Day also is in the same group as Tiger Woods with “all the extra eyeballs that generates.” Day signed a partnership with Malbon, a “trendy golf fashion brand that continues to push the envelope.” The slacks that Day has been wearing “might look to some like they came out of your grandpa’s closet” (GOLF DIGEST, 4/11). GOLF MONTHLY’s Sam Tremlett wrote Day has “pushed the boat out with his 2024 Masters scripting especially on Friday.” Thursday, Saturday and Sunday “look fairly standard polo and pants combinations” but Friday has a “garment called the Championship Vest which is sure to turn heads” (GOLF MONTHLY, 4/11).

Reactions to Day’s scripting were swift on X:

  • No Laying Up’s D.J. Piehowski: “Against the advice of my legal team, I feel like I must say: The Jason Day vest is good.”
  • Golf Digest’s Christopher Powers: “Jason Day’s fit is infinitely better than Bubba Watson’s RANGE GOATS regalia.”
  • Golf Digest’s Alex Myers: “As if yesterday’s pants weren’t bad enough, Jason Day should be locked up for wearing this sweater.”
  • Golfweek’s Adam Woodard: “I don’t know the terms of the deal but there’s no way Jason Day’s Malbon check was big enough to justify wearing this out in public, let alone at the Masters.”
  • Octagon’s Samantha Marks: “*whispers* we don’t have to like them, but… y’all do realize that this is the whole point of Jason Day wearing these outfits, right?”
  • Barstool’s Big Cat: “Is someone making Jason Day dress like this? I feel like he’s being pranked.”
  • Broadcaster Trey Wingo: “I’m legitimately concerned that Jason Day might set sail with those pants in this wind.”

FASHION CRIMES: In London, Oliver Brown wrote Augusta has “witnessed a few crimes against fashion already this week.” But “nothing compared to the lemon-and-lime outfit” that Sergio Garcia wore for his opening round. It was “like looking at a DayGlo elf, or perhaps an upside-down kitchen sponge.” The echoes were vivid of the 2006 Open Championship at Hoylake, where he “dressed head-to-toe in canary yellow.” Garcia “constantly craves the spotlight,” and it was this “lust for headlines that inspired his sartorial choice at the Masters, which he has promoted all across social media” (London TELEGRAPH, 4/11).

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