Kohler prepares Akram Tawfiq to participate against Zamalek in anticipation of Marwan Attia’s absence

Swiss Marcel Kohler is the club’s technical director Al-Ahlyto prepare Akram Tawfiq, the player of the red team, to participate against Zamalek in the next match in the league, in order to support the midfield in anticipation of the absence of Marwan Attia after his injury in the last match against Zed.

Al-Ahly club is suffering from injuries that struck the team’s midfield due to injuries, as the red team is missing Aliou Dieng, Emam Ashour and Karim Nedved, while Marwan Attia’s position remains ambiguous.

Marwan Attia had collapsed on the field as a result of his posterior muscle injury. He asked for a change in the 65th minute of the match between Al-Ahly and Zad in the eighth and postponed round of the league. He left the field before completing the match and Mohamed Magdy Afsha participated in his place.

Al-Ahly club is preparing to face Zamalek at seven in the evening next Monday, during the match that brings together the two poles at the top of the league, which comes within the competitions of the tenth and postponed round of the life of the local competition.

Al-Ahly Club defeated Team Z with a clean goal scored by Wissam Abu Ali, the Red Team striker, during the match that brought together the two teams yesterday, Thursday, in the eighth and postponed round of the league competition, which was held at Al-Salam Stadium.

Al-Ahly club advanced one place after defeating Zed in the eighth round, and the red team occupies ninth place in the league competition table with 21 points, which Al-Ahly gained after playing 10 matches, winning 6 matches, drawing 3 matches and losing one match, and Al-Ahly players scored 23 goals. They conceded 11 other goals.

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