Jordan denies declaring a state of emergency

He told the Jordanian News Agency (Petra), “Life is going on regularly and there is no reason to raise anxiety among citizens.”

He added that the government will resort to “all legal means against those who spread any rumors or allegations that are not based on any facts and do not verify the accuracy of the information.”

Two security sources in the region told Reuters news agency: Jordanian air defenses It is ready to intercept and shoot down any Iranian drones or aircraft that violate the Kingdom’s airspace.

They added that the army is also on high alert and that radar systems are monitoring any drone activity coming from the direction of Iraq and Syria..

Residents of several cities in northern Jordan heard Near Syria and the central and southern regions of the Kingdom, the sound of intense air activity. A security source said that the Jordanian Air ForceIt intensifies its reconnaissance flights.

Late last year, Jordan requested The United States deployed the Patriot air defense system to strengthen its defensese border.

Airspace closure

There were reports about Jordan declared a state of emergency In addition to temporarily closing its airspace to all incoming, departing and transiting flights, “in light of the escalation of surrounding risks in the region.”

Al-Mamlaka TV reported Civil Aviation Regulatory Authority Jordan decided to temporarily close its airspace to all incoming, departing and transiting aircraft, “in light of the escalation of surrounding risks in the region.”“.

The authority said in a statement, “The authority took the decision to close Jordanian atmosphere All arriving, departing and transiting aircraft are temporarily closed starting at 20:00 UTC. UTC That is, 11:00 pm local time for the next several hours, and this will be continuously updated and reviewed according to developments“.

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