Judicial ruling against those accused of stealing Mirhan Hussein’s jewelry

Books – Ramadan Younes:

Today, Thursday, the Mokattam Misdemeanor Court, headed by Counselor Khaled Naji Shehata, ruled to punish the main accused in the incident of stealing artist Mirhan Hussein’s jewelry with one year’s imprisonment, and referred the second accused, 16 years old, to juvenile detention for trial.

The court punished the third defendant with 6 months imprisonment on charges of concealing proceeds from a theft crime.

Investigations revealed that the three defendants ignored Mirhan Hussein’s father while he was in the apartment and stole jewelry and money.

The stolen items included; 2 purses, 4 watches of different shapes and brands, 8 gold rings, a gold earring, a chain with a gold pound, and 2 gouache, as well as a bag containing some of the whistleblower’s belongings, personal tools, and shoes.

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