Khairy Ramadan receives his sister’s body at the Police Mosque in Sheikh Zayed –

11:54 AM

Friday, March 15, 2024

Books – Muhammad Fathi:

Photography – Hani Rajab:

A short while ago, journalist Khairy Ramadan received the body of his sister, Barksam Ramadan, at the Police Mosque in Sheikh Zayed.

It is noteworthy that Barksam Ramadan, the sister of journalist Khairy Ramadan, deputy editor-in-chief of Al-Akhbar newspaper, died yesterday, Thursday, and the funeral prayer is scheduled to be held at the Police Mosque in 6th of October City after Friday prayers.

Barksam Ramadan graduated from the Faculty of Arts, Department of Journalism, in 1974 and has worked as the literary editor of Al-Akhbar newspaper since 1976.

She worked as a cultural and dramatic program preparer for the cultural program, where she presented: “Naji,” an Arab love harp, “Kamel El-Shenawy,” the last gentleman, “Amal Dunqul,” the southerner, “May,” a nun in a monastery, in addition to the program “A Book in My Life,” which she continued to prepare on Over a period of six years, the “Egyptian Summits” program for Channel 3, as well as the “Variations on One Melody” program.

She previously published the book “Birds Outside the Flock”, Dar Hala, Cairo, in 2008.

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