Kiko Bonduso, Derrick Lucassen and Jonathan Cohen are out of the squad

Maccabi Tel Aviv defined tonight’s game (Sunday, 20:00) against Hapoel Haifa as the game of the season for them. Beyond the fact that this is the first game after the painful defeat to Olympiakos, which came precisely in front of owner Mitch Goldhar in the stands, the Yellows want to go into the team break with a big advantage in the table on Maccabi Haifa and hope that the players will know how to excel in a difficult mental situation and after the criticisms they have received.

Coach Robbie Keane told the players at the meeting that the game against Olympiakos should be forgotten and that they could reach these places again if they just believed in themselves. “It’s a cup final for us,” Maccabi Tel Aviv said. As in the last league game, the Irish coach also decided this time that Kiko Bonduso and Jonathan Cohen would not dress. They will be joined by Raz Shlomo, who was once again unable to complete a full training session and will be notified this morning of his withdrawal from the national team due to a knee injury.

Derek Lucassen and Sharan Yeni are also out of the 20, while Henry Addo and Younes Melda will return to the squad. If Robbie Keane continues on the lines, Bandoso and Jonathan Cohen, who have contracts, will not be part of the plans for next season, as well as Derek Lucassen, who has often expressed a desire to leave elsewhere, and according to the players, has not acclimatized socially either. “To be honest, apart from Milson, we don’t have a foreign player who is upgrading,” said a source in the team.

Milson, as published on the sports channel, did not suffer a serious injury to his knee but only a dry blow and yesterday he finished a full training session. The Angolan winger is fit and the only question is whether to start with Gabi Kanikovski and Eran Zahavi, who played 120 minutes on Thursday, or give the opportunity to Dan Beaton and Dor Turgeman.

Estimated composition: Roi Mishfati, Ido Shahar, Idan Nachmias, Henrik Savorit, Roy Rabivo, Yoris Van Overeem, Dor Peretz, Gabi Kanikovski (Dan Beaton), Usher Davida (Dan Beaton) Milson, Eran Zahavi (Dor Turgeman)

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