KUNA: News summary on the KUNA bulletin today, Sunday, at 12:00 GMT – Media

Kuwait – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses the State of Kuwait’s deep concern about the continued military escalation taking place in the region and its increasing negative repercussions on the security and stability of the countries of the region and the world as a whole, calling for self-restraint and sparing the region and its peoples from the dangers and effects of this escalation.

Washington – The United States of America asks the Israeli occupation to notify it before any possible response to the recent Iranian attack.

Kuwait – A specialized report issued by the Kuwaiti company (Dar Al-Sabaek) says that military and geopolitical tensions are considered the main factor in the sharp rises witnessed in gold prices since the beginning of last week, which made prices touch a new peak.

Kuwait – The Central Bank of Kuwait announces an increase in the broad money supply (M2) by 0.9 percent last February on a monthly basis, reaching 39.2 billion Kuwaiti dinars (about 129.3 billion US dollars).

Islamabad – Pakistani authorities announce the death of at least 27 people as heavy rains continue to fall on three provinces in the country within 48 hours. (The End) M A A

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