Learn about the biography of the new Deputy Governor of Dakahlia

After it was announced that Dr. Ahmed Anwar Attia, Deputy Justice, would take over Dakahlia GovernorIn succession to Dr. Haitham Al-Sheikh, the former deputy, we present in the following lines the biography of the Deputy Governor of Dakahlia, Dr. Ahmed, who is the son of Dr. Anwar Al-Adl, the former Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Mansoura.

Dr. Ahmed Attia Al-Adid previously held the position of Supervisor of the Expatriates Department at Mansoura University and Secretary of the Education and Scientific Research Committee of the Future of the Nation Party in Dakahlia.

The Deputy Governor of Dakahlia graduated from the Faculty of Arts, Department of Sociology in 2007, and obtained a master’s degree with excellent grades and a doctorate with first-class honors. He progressed through the ranks at Mansoura University, starting with his appointment as a teaching assistant in 2008, then an assistant lecturer, and a lecturer in 2017.

He was also appointed as the General Coordinator of Student Activities at the University, and he played an influential role in the activities of student families at Mansoura University. He managed some research teams that participated in international scientific competitions and achieved advanced positions. He then assumed the position of General Supervisor of the Expatriates Department during the period from 2021 to 2024. He participated as a member of many higher committees for student activities, and he authored the book “University Education and the Formation of Cultural Capital in Light of the Knowledge Society: A Field Study on Distinguished Specialized Programs at Mansoura University.”

Al-Adl participated in political life after joining the Future of the Nation Party, Dakahlia Governorate Secretariat, in 2018, and assumed the party’s youth secretariat for 4 years, then assumed the education and scientific research secretariat until now.

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