“Let my fiancé die.” A young man’s generosity ends with his killing in Giza

08:29 PM

Thursday, March 14, 2024

Books – Muhammad Shaaban:

A young man paid the price for defending his honor and honour. He confronted four captives who verbally harassed his fiancée. He received a penetrating stab wound and died in the hospital.

Brigadier General Muhammad Mukhtar, Chief of Investigations at the Southern Sector, received notification from the Emergency Police Department that a hospital had received a worker with a penetrating wound to the abdomen and his subsequent death.

Investigations revealed that the victim, “Farhat,” blamed 4 young men riding a tuk-tuk who told his fiancée, “Shame on, captains, this is not rude.” The words of the twenty-year-old young man angered the boys, “How are you, how are you so brave?” and they attacked him with a white weapon, a “knife.”

The young man’s fiancée shouted for help to passers-by, “Let my fiancé die.” They rushed to take him to the nearest hospital to save him, but he died as a result of his injury. Abu Al-Numros investigation officers arrested the four defendants and the slaughterhouse used.

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