Live broadcast… Al-Sisi witnesses the 39th educational symposium for the armed forces

10:15 p.m

Saturday 09 March 2024

Books – Muhammad Nassar:

Today, Saturday, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, will witness the 39th educational symposium organized by the Armed Forces, on the occasion of the celebration of Martyr’s Day, at the Manara Convention Center.

Every year, the Egyptian Armed Forces celebrate Martyr’s Day on March 9, an occasion that commemorates the souls of the martyrs and remembers their sacrifices in order to preserve the security of the nation.

March 9 was chosen to celebrate this occasion in view of the anniversary of the martyrdom of General Abdel Moneim Riad in 1969, who provided an outstanding example of courage and dedication in confronting the enemy. He was always on the front lines, emphasizing the solidarity and cohesion between the leader and his soldiers on the battlefields.

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