Mai Farouk to the Riyadh season audience: I miss you and don’t worry, you will be happy

11:00 PM

Thursday 07 March 2024

Written by Mona Al-Moji:

Actress Mai Farouk welcomed the attendance of the closing ceremony of the Riyadh season, which is organized by the General Entertainment Authority, headed by Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, and which is held at the Abu Bakr Salem Theater in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and broadcast live on MBC Egypt.

After she finished the song “You Betray Him,” she said, “Good evening, do you know me or what,” commenting on her appearance in a different look.

She continued, “I am happy that I am with you at the closing ceremony. This is my luck, and I am happy that I saw you and I missed you. You are used to me in a way, and today I am experiencing you in a different way because the idea of ​​the party is new and different. I hope you will be happy and I promise you that we will present something sweet that we have worked very hard on with all the distributors and with the great orchestra on the stage.” Under the leadership of the great maestro Hani Farhat, be excited, don’t get excited, and you will be happy.”

Mai thanked the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as Chancellor Turki Al-Sheikh, for his constant confidence in it, and the Punchmark Company, and for attending her ceremony.

The concert began with several performances by young talents and voices, including the duo Yara and Sarah, Ahmed Al-Prince, Karim Al-Jarhi and Hassan Shaaban.

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