Maram Ali joins forces with Pamela Al-Kik in the prank “Ramez Jab from the Other”

The two stars, Maram Ali and Pamela Al-Kik, were guests of the artist Ramez Jalal on his program “Ramez Gap from the Other,” in an episode that witnessed their union.

Ramez Jalal used to host two stars in a dispute on the program “Ramez Jab from the Other.” However, the matter was different in the episode of Pamela Al-Kik and Maram Ali, where he hosted them because the girls were jealous of their beauty and caused marital disputes between men and women.

Ramez Jalal tried to catch Maram Ali and ask her about the things she did not like about Pamela Al-Kik’s performance as an actress, but she surprised him by admitting that she found the latter to be one of the artists whose performance and beauty she admired most on television.

“Ramez” insisted on convincing Pamela Al-Kik to admit that she did not love Maram Ali, but she refused and he remained committed to his position, until the latter convinced her to go along with him until the paragraph ended.

Maram Ali expressed her anger at the cruelty of the prank, and blamed Ramez Jalal at the end of the episode for being injured, but he tried to persuade her to stop complaining so that her images in front of viewers would not be affected, stressing that her injuries needed simple treatment.

Pamela Al-Kik was keen to express the love of the people of Lebanon for Ramez Jalal and his programs, stressing her happiness with the experience in the program “Ramez Jab from the Other.”

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