Marinated meat “without a filter”.. Muhammad Nour surprises Jeddah fans with a new investment

Mohamed Nour, the legend of Al-Ittihad Club, surprised his fans in Jeddah, after he opened a new branch of his restaurant, in a new investment step for the Tigers star.

Muhammad Nour took the investment step, in addition to appearing from time to time on satellite channels in order to participate in analyzing the Saudi Roshan League matches.

The fans circulated a video on the “X” social media platform in which Mohamed Nour appears with a number of old Al-Ittihad stars, such as Saleh Al-Saqri, Mohamed Amin and others, at the opening of the new branch of his “Pots and Without Filter” restaurant for Al-Siriya.

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Muhammad Nour had opened the first branch of the restaurant in Mecca, then opened the second branch in Jeddah, after the success of the experiment in his first restaurant.

Muhammad Nour Restaurant serves the Siriyah meal, which is marinated meat grilled over charcoal or embers, and is one of the most famous Saudi meals.

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