“My brother, you were an anchor for me”: the late Elad Pingerhut was laid to rest

“You went up to the sky in a storm while you wanted to reach out for help”: Elad Fingerhut’s funeral was held at the cemetery in Kfar Etzion. Hundreds escorted Elad on his last journey while waving Israeli flags on the sides of the road. Elad, a 38-year-old father of three from Mtsova, was killed by a direct hit from an anti-tank missile in the heavy barrage towards Adamit on Independence Day while he was running to treat the wounded. Elad left behind a pair of parents and six siblings.

Elad Fingerhut was killed while running to save the wounded, Photo: Eyal Margolin Gini

Tali, Elad’s mother paid tribute to him: “You rose to the sky in a storm when you wanted to reach out for help. You were always ready to help and all quietly and humbly, a man of action. Less talk and more actions, all diligently. You went through difficult challenges during your life, and you overcame them bravely and moved on. Your children Yuval, Raz and Kafir – you have won Dad is amazing. You knew how to treat us and loved us endlessly, you respected me and dad like kings.”

Hundreds accompanied Elad Fingerhut on his last journey,

Matan, Elad’s brother: “It’s simply impossible to contain you in this forum. We could sit for hours, get down to the intricacies of life in an avocado grove. That’s what you were, a man of carrying opposites. And this, my brother, is the sanctity of life. You were my anchor. We celebrated, we loved, we talked to each other. About The bond between us, and at the end of the conversation I told you, Elad, my brother, I love you!”.

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