Marwan Attia’s chances of catching the summit match?

Al-Ahly midfielder Marwan Attia suffered a slight strain in his back muscle on the sidelines of his team’s match against Zed yesterday, Thursday, in the postponed match of the eighth round of the Egyptian League competition.
Marwan Attia’s position has become ambiguous in the match against Zamalek next Monday, in light of his complaint of a muscle injury and his need for some time before recovering from the injury.
Marwan Attiya’s chance of joining the summit match is small, given the difficulty of the player participating in his team’s group training during the next 48 hours, which makes his percentage of joining the summit match not exceeding 50%, as the player will undergo new medical examinations and ultrasound scans on the back muscle during the coming hours. To confirm his medical condition before determining his final position regarding joining next Monday’s summit, or confirming his absence from that confrontation.

Marwan Attia, player of the first football team at Al-Ahly club, performed physical therapy sessions this morning on the sidelines of the team’s training session, which was held at the Touch Stadium, in preparation for the Zamalek match scheduled for next Monday evening, within the postponements of the tenth week of the Premier League championship.
Marwan Attia will undergo further medical examinations in the coming hours after the player complained of pain in the back muscle during his participation in the Z match yesterday.
Al-Ahly achieved an important victory over Zedd with an unanswered goal scored by Wissam Abu Ali, in the match that was held yesterday at Al-Salam Stadium, within the postponements of the eighth round of the Premier League competitions.
Al-Ahly raised its score to 21 points out of a total of 10 matches the team has played so far in the Premier League.

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