Messages from President Sisi during his inspection of the Egyptian Military Academy

Friday, March 15, 2024 12:11 AM

Important messages sent by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, during his inspection of the Egyptian Military Academy, accompanied by Lieutenant General Mohamed Zaki, Commander-in-Chief and Minister of Defense and Military Production, Lieutenant General Osama Askar, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, and a number of leaders of the Armed Forces.

Messages from President Sisi during his inspection of the Egyptian Military Academy

President’s messages during his inspection of the Egyptian Military Academy

President Sisi watched a number of sports activities and training exercises carried out by new students who completed the military preparation period within the academy, where President Sisi praised the high level of physical fitness and self-confidence enjoyed by the students.

The tour included passing through the equestrian fields, and observing the level reached by the academy’s students. President Sisi also joined the Egyptian Military Academy students in eating breakfast.

In his speech, President Sisi congratulated the attendees, including commanders of the armed forces, non-commissioned officers, soldiers, and students, on the occasion of the blessed month of Ramadan, noting his keenness to make this visit with the arrival of every new batch of new students at military colleges.

President Sisi confirmed that he is following the training and situation of the military college students and is very reassured about them, indicating his keenness to meet with them before the end of the intensive training period.

President Sisi added: “Let me tell you that I am very confident in the effort that is being made and the method that is being done, and let me stop here before a very important matter. We have worked in Egypt in a very great effort to rehabilitate the infrastructure and many needs that make the state possible, thanks to God.” Glory be to Him, to better horizons in all aspects.”

President Sisi pointed out that one of the components of the system in which we were racing against time and intensifying our efforts is the human being, the human factor in the system, and he is the most important thing in the matter, adding: “No matter how much we work and no matter what we build, there is no real building in it from the beginning of education to the rest of the state’s institutions. We were not able to do real formulation and real development of the human being. The effort we made in the rest of the topics would remain incomplete and insufficient. That is why we are very interested in the effort being made, the programs established, and the careful follow-up of what we are doing. I wonder if the results are consistent? And by the way, we talked about the topic. This is before we said that the development process is a continuous process that does not stop, because if we stop developing, we will continue to contradict the reality around us.”

President Sisi said that the Military Academy currently has many sectors, noting that the new place will have a much greater capacity than the current one, with the aim of selecting the best of what we have, as well as the various civilian sectors, which we are keen to have with us here.

President Sisi continued: “We want an Egyptian person who is able to face a challenge and who is able to lead this country to better and broader horizons… We have nothing but very, very good management, and benefit from resources, all resources, including human resources. We are targeted.” The best character building, and the character we are talking about is a very balanced character.”

At the end of his speech, President Sisi asked the students of the Military Academy to convey his greetings and the greetings of the leaders of the armed forces to the families of the students and thanked them for everything they did with them, adding: “We are thankful to them as well, and God willing, you will have a good vacation and we will return again to resume our work… Happy New Year.” “.

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