Meteorology warns of bad weather on the first days of Ramadan

11:08 PM

Thursday 07 March 2024

Books – Ahmed Abdel Moneim:

The General Meteorological Authority expected a gradual rise in temperatures starting next Monday, the first day of Ramadan, with hot weather during the day and cold at night.

The authority confirmed that the country is witnessing stable weather conditions and stable temperatures from Friday until next Wednesday, with warm, sunny weather prevailing over Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the northwestern coasts, and northern Upper Egypt, and tending to warmth on the northeastern coasts, and tending to heat in southern Upper Egypt and Sinai, As for the weather at night, it tends to be cold throughout.

The General Authority of Meteorology indicated that water mist will form on the roads leading to Cairo, Lower Egypt, and the northwestern and eastern coasts, and to and from the roads leading to and from bodies of water, starting next Wednesday until Friday.

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