Mirna Walid co-stars with Mohamed Sobhi in his new play, in their first collaboration

The artist, Mirna Walid, the great artist, participates Mohamed Sobhi Starring in his new play, for which he chose the name “Faris Reveals the Hidden,” which began rehearsals in the city of Sunbul during the month of Ramadan, and rehearsals will resume intensively during the coming period in order to present it at the end of May. The artist, Mohamed Sobhi, announced on his Facebook page that the artist, Mirna Walid will co-star in his new play.

Mirna is currently showing the play “Moon of the Gypsy” at the Balloon Theater and will finish her show once and for all during the next week. It was shown before Ramadan, and she will complete a number of nights and then devote herself completely to rehearsals for the play “Faris Reveals the Hidden.”

It is worth noting that the last play by the artist Mohamed Sobhi was the play “A Family You Block,” which was written by Mostafa Chehayeb, and directed and starred by the great star Mohamed Sobhi. It was shown for a full year without interruption, raising a full-numbered banner in most of its public performances, and the play is a musical comedy. Co-starring: Wafaa Sadiq, Kamal Attia, Mustafa Youssef, Mohamed Youssef, Mohamed Saeed, Rehab Hussein, Dalida Hassan, Menna Tariq, Laila Fawzi, Mahmoud Abu Haiba, Mohamed Shawqi Tantawi, Angelica Ayman, Michael William, Lamia Orabi, Helmy Jalal El-Din. , Dalia Nabil, Muhammad Abdel Muti, Walid Hani and the two children Abdel Rahman Mahmoud and Maryam Sharif, and its decorations are designed by Muhammad Al-Gharbawi, poetry by Abdullah Hassan, and music and compositions by Sherif Hamdan.

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