Miss AI.. the first beauty pageant competition with artificial intelligence

With their flawless features and enviable curves, these beauty queens make these Miss World contestants look almost ordinary, but upon closer inspection you may notice that they share a common trait – that none of them are real.
Welcome to Miss AI, the world’s premier competition for amazing digital girls, where a perfect “pixel” appearance could be the key to victory in the end, and the prizes are primarily reserved for the experts who have created the most attractive model/influencer in the field of artificial intelligence.
The competition will be hosted in a virtual world, with a judging panel for the inaugural awards including two of the world’s biggest AI influencers, Emily Pellegrini and Aitana Lopez.

There are real people on the panel too – Miss Great Britain’s head judge and pageant historian Sally-Anne Fawcett, as well as marketing expert Andrew Bloch. “It’s funny, because in the past, traditional beauty queens were called fake and artificial,” Sally-Anne said. This takes it to a whole new level.

“As an added bonus, one must assume that they will not be programmed to be bad losers,” she said, with the value of the AI ​​economy expected to pass the £1 billion mark this year.

Miss AI is the first competition for the World AI Creator Awards (WAICA), sponsored by creator content site Fanvue, and co-founder Will Monange said: “The creator economy is a very exciting place right now.

He continued, “There has been tremendous growth in the number of AI creators entering this field, and with the help of our platform, fan bases have been increased and content monetized.”

“Miss AI recognizes the talent and technology that will help raise standards within the industry, “It is just one award as part of a programme, and we share the vision for the WAICAs to become the Oscars of the AI ​​innovator economy.”

Unlike real-life beauty pageant hopefuls, who are often criticized for their looks, personality, and charity work, Miss AI contestants will be judged on their beauty, skill and implementation of the AI ​​tools used to create them, as well as their influence on social media. . Influencers.

“At the intersection of traditional competition and technology, the Miss AI pageant represents a huge leap forward,” adds Sally-Anne, “and is being launched almost 150 years after the world’s first real beauty pageant, which was held in the 1880s.” ten.

This year, the Miss Universe organization eliminated the age limit and allowed married women and mothers to participate. “Maybe, over the next few years, they will allow AI contestants to enter as well,” but as the line between human and machine continues to blur, how will traditional beauty queens compete with These virtual foxes?

Digital queens

“Most beauty queens I talk to about AI pageants take it very seriously,” says Sally-Anne. “They think it’s a bit weird but they don’t feel threatened. “After all, you can be a great cybergirl, but in the end… Ultimately, you can’t beat being a real living doll.”
Will added that the awards will recognize the “hard work” that goes into making these VR influencers happen. He added: “There is a huge amount of skill, time and effort that goes into using the tools to create them,” so it’s very exciting that the first dedicated awards program has now been launched. To appreciate the works of creative people.

The winner of the Miss AI competition will receive £4,000 plus access to the Imagine Creator Mentorship programme, worth £2,400, plus £5,000 in PR support.

“Virtual foxes”

“AI creators have become some of the most marketable properties on the planet, driving significant engagement and attracting high-value brand partnerships,” explains Andrew Bloch. “Their skill in implementing AI tools, their social influence, and how they engage with their audience play a key role.” In their success.”
The top ten Miss AI beauty queens will be announced on May 10, with an online awards ceremony later that month, and creators can enter from today and get more information via the site, where judges give their opinions on some of the contenders so far. .

Amy Everhart – 52.6k Instagram followers Earning £1,600 per month

She may be a relative newbie, but Amy could be one to watch. “Amy arrived in December 2023,” says Sally-Anne. “Her 50,000 Instagram followers show she’s an instant hit.
“We will be looking for fast-growing influencers like Amy during judging.”


KIMOCHII has 44.7k followers on Instagram earning £1,600 a month

The key to the crown for this 23-year-old beauty could be how relatable she is with fans, Sally-Anne says: “Kimochi is a model who contains a mixture of French/Japanese heritage with beauty, poise and grace.
“All of her posts are intentionally building this compelling story so her fans feel like they know her on a personal level.”



Being a woman in the world could help Hailey win. “Experience is of great importance,” says Aitana. “From attending an American football match to working out in the gym, she was doing it all,” she says. “She is a big name with a large number of followers.” And equally impressive profits.”


KASSIDY DAVIS has 139,000 followers on Instagram, earning £2,600 a month.

Attention to detail could make Cassidy a hot favorite. “I was surprised by its realism,” says Sally Ann. “The level of detail that has gone into each image is very impressive.
“No wonder she’s built such a large fan base.”


LEXI SCHMIDT has 92.4k followers on Instagram and earns £8,000 a month.

BLONDE Bombshell Lexi can thank her tresses for catching the judges’ attention, and Aitana says, “We love the details in her famous platinum blonde hair.”

“Her account is full of close-up selfies, so we can really see the level of work that has gone into each creation.”


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