“Miss queen and dance lover”… 10 information about Emily Shah, Min’s fiancée

07:50 PM

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Books – Marwan Al-Tayeb:

Canadian actor of Egyptian descent, Mena Massoud, officially celebrated his engagement to American actress of Indian origin, Emily Shah, via his official Instagram account.

Some wondered about Emily Shah, her relationship with actor Mena Massoud, and whether she had previously participated in any cinematic works with him.

Here are 10 pieces of information about Indian actress Emily Shah, Mena Massoud’s fiancée:

1- She won the title of Miss New Jersey USA in 2014.

2- She loves ballet and took many intensive training sessions with the Preston Ballet.

3- She managed the baseball team at her high school for 3 years.

4- She is famous for her participation in many charitable works.

5- She collaborated with international director Clint Eastwood in his movie “Jersey Boys”.

6- UNICEF Autism Ambassador.

7- She worked as an assistant director on a number of famous films, including “Furious 7” starring Vin Diesel.

8- Her dream is to become one of the girls in the James Bond movies.

9- She speaks many languages ​​fluently, including Hindi, English, and Gujarati.

10- I graduated from the University of California with a degree in entertainment management.

11- She has one million followers on Instagram.

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