Mohamed Shaheen… a wit hidden inside a serious personality in the Moment of Anger series

After a show 4 Episodes from the series A moment of angerThe rhythm of the series is still the hero of the work, in addition to the dazzling performances of both Saba Mubarak and…Mohammed ShaheenAnd the few scenes in which Mohamed Farraj appeared in the first episode. This type of work needs to attract attention during the minutes of the episode’s presentation, and in no way can you feel a single moment of boredom or feel disconnected from the events, which is what has clearly happened so far. In the series Moment of Anger.

Aside from the disciplined rhythm and elements of the series that serve to enhance the work, including photography, music, and lighting, there is an exceptional performance from the artist Mohamed Shaheen, with the character of Mustafa, which he embodies during the work events. He is a very serious personality with strangers and with his employees in the company, but he is a caring person towards his wife, brother, and sister-in-law. Despite the suffering he suffers from his disappeared brother who does not know his way, and from his reckless sister who plays her character capably until now. Sarah Abdel Rahman.

The difficulty in the role that Mohamed Shaheen plays is that he combines rigor and wit in some situations. There is a hair between the two feelings, which he needs to maintain at all times. We are facing a person searching for his disappeared brother, with all seriousness and rigor, but this does not prevent you from glimpsed in a comic spectacle. It is very simple from time to time for this character, and although it is a difficult matter, many of the times, especially since we are facing an official and clear crime series, but the credit for that also goes to director Abdel Aziz Al-Najjar, who knows when to give the green light to Shaheen to show this. The comic spectrum, and when it disappears as if it never existed in the first place.

Also one of the factors in the success of the character and its complete difference from the characters that Mohamed Shaheen played before is the “mustache” that he appears with. It is completely appropriate and appropriate with a character like Mustafa, the person in his fifties, or in his late forties, the eldest brother of two brothers, who is married and has a child, and a manager. In one of the banks, he is very strict with the employees, while his wife cheats on him with many others. She is a very complex personality, but Shaheen succeeded in defining her dimensions and the external and even internal form.

Shaheen appeared in more than one scene talking about his relationship with his brother. Despite this big and clear difference between them in the events of the series, he fears for his brother Sherif, “Mohamed Farraj,” and loves him so much that he said, “This Sherif is more precious than Marwan, my son.”

Certainly, the coming episodes will witness many surprises and details related to the human and psychological aspects of Sharif’s character, with the development and escalation of events, and his relationship with both his wife, who represents one of his weak points, and also his relationship with his son, who knows the secret of the crime upon which the events are based, but from shock he loses his voice as a result of the shock.

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