Morocco or elsewhere.. The first comment from the Spanish national team coach on Diaz’s decision

De Lafuente, the coach of the Spanish national team, spoke about Real Madrid star Brahim Diaz, who announced a few days ago He headed to Morocco to represent the Atlantic Lions Instead of La Roja, especially since the young player has two nationalities, but he preferred to defend the colors of his grandfathers’ national team to have the opportunity to participate as a starter, according to what was revealed by the Spanish newspaper Marca.

Morocco national team kidnaps Real Madrid star

Diaz is on his way to the Moroccan national team
Diaz is on his way to the Moroccan national team

De La Fuente said in statements reported by the website:the 360 ​​sportAl-Maghrabi Al-Youm, “I did not speak with Diaz regarding his sporting nationality.

Regarding the player’s decision to represent the Moroccan national team, he said: “I respect his decision. Everyone is free to make their decisions. For me, there are always three constants to be in the national team: one can play in the national team, the second wants to play for the national team, and the third is chosen by the coach.”

The Spain national team coach added: “The most important thing is that we love playing for the national team without demands or guarantees of the same rights and duties. I did not speak with Diaz about the Moroccan national team or any other team. Certainly I am the one who played with him the most in the Sunni national teams.”

The Spain national team coach expressed his support for the Real Madrid star and explained: “I have great appreciation for him and wish him the best with full and absolute respect.”“.

Diaz chooses the Moroccan national team

Press reports revealed that Brahim Diaz, the Spanish Real Madrid player, chose to officially represent the Moroccan national team during the coming period instead of the Spanish national team..

The Spanish newspaper “Marca” reported that Brahim Diaz had been in talks with Morocco since October, and the official decision was taken yesterday, and the federation is preparing the next steps during the next two weeks..

The newspaper added that Brahim Diaz chose to play with the Moroccan national team for several reasons, most notably that he did not receive guarantees that he would be called up by Luis de la Fuente, so the Moroccan Football Federation is preparing a major celebration for the player who decided to join the Atlas Lions..

The newspaper indicated that the Real Madrid player asked to know whether he would be called up to the Spain national team list before his teammates so that he could make his decision, but the Spanish Federation refused to let that happen before the specified date for revealing the list..

The Moroccan Football Federation recently sent a notification to the Real Madrid team summoning its player Ibrahim Diaz, the Merengue attacking winger, to represent the Moroccan national team during the next stage..

The newspaper “Marca” confirmed that “officials of the Moroccan national team sent official documents to Real Madrid informing them of the summoning of Brahim Diaz to the Atlas Lions list.”“.

Meanwhile, AS newspaper previously reported that Diaz is putting the final touches on joining the Moroccan national team.

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