Most deserving: Leverkusen won a historic championship

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Leverkusen players celebrate (Reuters)
Leverkusen players celebrate (Reuters)

That’s it, now it’s official, after being in the air for a long time. Bayer Leverkusen won the German championship tonight (Sunday) and for the first time in the history of the club, which for years was always associated with the losers, second place, and almost. But this time, with the crazy season they had and it’s not over (Cup and Europe), no one will take it away from Xavi Alonso and his apprentices.

The Reds, who came to the game knowing that a win equals a five-round championship at the end of the season, did it in great style with a resounding 0:5 over the bruised Werder Bremen, which remained helpless and was only a setting for the colorful and impressive celebration of the new Bundesliga champion. After 5 times finishing only as runner-up, the new champion, who waited 120 years since the founding of the club, finally managed to get her hands on the shiny title.

Granit Xhaka in a frenzy (Reuters)Granit Xhaka in a frenzy (Reuters)

11 seasons that the championship went as usual to the great Bayern Munich, but then Xavi Alonso came and managed to leave the decorated Bavarians behind, with the gap after the current victory standing at 16 points (!), five cycles to the end of the season. And that’s really not all for her, the champion who has not yet lost this season in all formats (yes, that’s not a mistake) still wants to complete the phenomenal season in the cup final and in the Europa League, where she is in the quarterfinals.

It was Bayer Leverkusen’s eighth win in all competitions, but of course the biggest and what will be the most memorable of all. On the grass, the host did everything she could, and in the stands, with more than 30 thousand enthusiastic fans, quite a few tears of excitement were seen. After so many disappointing years for them, finally the long-awaited title arrived and the 14.4.24 Bayer fans will never forget.

Victor Boniface celebrates (Reuters)Victor Boniface celebrates (Reuters)

In the game itself, Victor Boniface opened the celebration with an accurate penalty in the 25th minute, Granit Xhaka doubled in the 60th minute with a smart left foot kick and gave the signal to break out the champagne. But this year’s Bayer, who already crossed the 70-goal mark in the league and especially the list with an iron defense (less than 19 mandatory goals), must make it even bigger and more impressive. At 0:2, everyone moved aside and then the show of Florian Wirtz began, the 20-year-old midfielder who is having a tremendous season (11 goals and 10 assists), starred with a huge hat trick (68, 83, 90) on the way to 0:5 Big at the end and beginning of the official celebrations.

The celebrations of Xavi Alonso and Berkusen have begun
Leverkusen fans.  They already brought a plate (Reuters)Leverkusen fans. They already brought a plate (Reuters)

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