The Jordanian Foreign Ministry summons the Iranian ambassador to Amman… and Al-Safadi clarifies the nature of relations with Tehran

Dubai United Arab Emirates (CNN)On Sunday, the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Iranian ambassador to Amman, according to Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi.

Al-Safadi explained, in statements to the “Voice of the Kingdom” program, on Sunday, that “the ministry conveyed to the ambassador a message of the necessity of stopping the abuse and questioning of Jordan’s positions.”.

Regarding Iranian media threats to Jordan, Al-Safadi said: “Unfortunately, there were offensive statements by the Iranian media, including the Iranian official news agency.”

Al-Safadi stressed that “every drone or missile that penetrates Jordanian airspace will be confronted to prevent it from causing harm in Jordan or a threat to the Jordanians.”

He added: “Iran’s problem is with Israel, not with Jordan. Neither Iran nor anyone else can compete with what Jordan is doing, what Jordan is offering, and what it has historically provided for Palestine.”

Al-Safadi said: “It is no secret that there are outstanding issues between us and the Iranians, and we were clear and our position is clear that we do not want escalation with Iran, we do not want tension with Iran, we want good relations and relations with Iran based on the principle of non-interference in internal affairs, and the principle of respect for others.” “And there is a security dialogue with Iran.”

Al-Safadi went on to explain: “The Iranian Foreign Minister and I met more than once, and the dialogue between us was frank. We want good relations, but in order to reach these good relations, we must end their causes, and some of their causes are linked to practices targeting Jordan, whether through what we see of smuggling.” Drugs and weapons from Syria to Jordan from groups linked to Iran in one way or another, whether from cyber attacks on our institutions in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and other threats.”

During his call with US President Joe Biden on Sunday, King Abdullah II said: “Jordan will not be an arena for a regional warHe warned of “the consequences of the Israeli aggression on Gaza and the ongoing escalation in the West Bank,” according to what was reported by the Jordanian News Agency (Petra), quoting a statement from the Jordanian Royal Court.

Earlier on Sunday, the Jordanian government said, on Sunday, that… Jordan dealt with flying objects that penetrated the Kingdom’s airspace On the night of Saturday to Sunday, it was confirmed that no material or human damage occurred.

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