Muslim: “Amr Diab has a normal voice, and Hussein Al Jasmi is stronger than him.”

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Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Books – Moataz Abbas:

Singer Muslim revealed his opinion about some of the existing voices, such as Houda Bunduq and Issam Sassa, saying: “Everyone is successful in their own space, but I don’t see myself with them and I made a song for me and I don’t want anyone to be afraid of it.”

“Muslim” added, in his interview with the “Asrar” program, with the journalist Amira Badr, broadcast on “Al-Nahar” satellite channel, today, Tuesday: “He is higher than Amr Diab outside of Egypt. For me, Hussein Al Jasmi is the most important person in my life and the strongest and loudest voice than Amr Diab.” Technically, but Al-Hadaba is, of course, a legend and is dismissed because of his actions and the art he presents, and no one cares about him, does not respond to anyone, and does not appear, because disappearance is the secret of a person’s success.”

He continued: “Amr Diab has a normal voice, and anyone can sing for Amr Diab because he is easy and unpretentious and this is the secret of his success, but he is not vocally strong.”

He continued: “I don’t see anyone competing with me in my region, and when someone sings with me, someone stops, and I want to compete with myself and I want myself to grow. No one’s dream will be fulfilled, and whoever aspires to have a good job, not a bad thing.”

Secrets program presented daily by media personality Amira Badr on Al-Nahar channel, in which she hosts art stars in the Arab world or a public figure and asks them questions about art and their private lives.

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