Mustafa Hosni: This is how I escaped the desire to guide people

Preacher Mustafa Hosni revealed the details of his journey in the field of preaching, and how his life changed from the beginning until now, specifically in his rush and eagerness to call people without seeking knowledge adequately, as happened about 16 years ago.

Hosni confirmed during his interview on the program “With You, Mona El Shazly” on ON channel, that he is very proud of his journey, despite the rush it included at the beginning, saying: “I am proud of it despite the times of rush, ignorance, confusion, and desire that are not consistent with the amount of knowledge that I have.” “.

He added: “All this journey led in the end to the fact that God has honored me with the sheikhs who taught me that in the end there is the sincere and sincere one, may God guide him… Therefore, when someone went through this, he still understood when someone reads a book and loves to talk about religion in order to impress the people he is interested in, and then he rushes without knowing because “I rushed without knowing.”

Mustafa Hosni continued: “There was a period in my life when our Sheikh was very upset with me because I was busy with preaching and not busy with seeking knowledge… and the sheikhs always taught us to keep 80% seeking knowledge and 20% calling… and my sheikh told me to focus, study, and learn before you speak, because the person who begins He talks to people about religion and finds acceptance, not because he is good, but because people love our Lord.. His word with the people’s word celebrates him very much, so he believes that he knows, so the desire to appear and the love of influence overwhelms him, and he has a feeling that he is taking people’s hands to our Lord, so he suffices with two words, a book, or a tape that he listens to.”

He continued: “Until our Sheikh argued with me one day because I preferred preaching to knowledge, and when he argued with me, I went to reconcile with him and feel sorry for him in his house. This was 16 years ago… and I slept with him that night… so I saw a vision at that time that did not need an explanation because it told the truth of what God wants me.”

Mustafa Hosni continued: “I looked as if I was riding in an Arabic car, its type of translation is speed, and people saw me as riding in a fast Arabic car, while this Arabic car was using a non-gas pedal inside, so I was very close while I was inside it… and this was my condition at the time… I was happy with people’s admiration.” In my words, when I was young, I was not comfortable.. People saw a chic Arab woman from the outside, and I was very tired inside her…and I woke up wanting to leave the path I was in and go back to the Sunnah. A very big change occurred, and I remained 80% learning and 20% talking.”

He concluded his speech by saying: “For this reason, I excuse my sisters who sometimes rush into words without learning… because it is a pleasure… the pleasure of guiding people, but it is full of lust.”

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