Neither her birth nor her death… Find out why Google celebrates Etel Adnan

The global search engine Google dedicated today in honor of the American writer of Lebanese origins Etel Adnanon the occasion of the anniversary of her first solo exhibition, which was held on this day in 1955 in San Rafael, California. Adnan was known as one of the most prominent American poets and artists of her time, and she left a significant impact as an Arab-American writer, where her literary and visual talents were intertwined.

According to the global “devdiscourse” website, Google celebrates the painter, poet, and essayist Etel Adnan, who was praised by an American literary magazine as “the most famous and accomplished Arab-American author today.” The celebration also came about her role as a bridge between Western and Arab cultures, and her exploration of geopolitical topics. Defending feminist issues, Etel Adnan remains a pivotal figure in building bridges between diverse worlds through her art and literature.

During her life, Adnan contributed significantly to various artistic media, including oil paintings, films and tapestries, which were celebrated in major cities such as Paris, Beirut and others, and reflect her famous novels such as “Cite Marie Rose” and her poetry collections such as “When Naked” and “ Master of Eclipse” her multi-dimensional talent and global perspective.

Adnan’s influence extended beyond her visual art, as seen in her powerful roles as a feminist activist. Her work received prestigious awards such as the Lambda Literary Prize and the French Chevalier Prize for Arts and Letters. The Griffin Poetry Prize honored her with a Lifetime Merit Award, underscoring her profound influence on Arts.

The late American writer and artist has had several major exhibitions, such as the retrospective “Etel Adnan in All Her Dimensions” at Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha and her inclusion in the exhibition “Making Space: Women Artists and Post-War Abstraction” at the Museum of Modern Art, highlighting her recognition Global and its contributions to feminist art. .

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