“Netanyahu’s plan”… details of 10 years during which Israel will remain inside Gaza

Israeli press reports revealed, on Wednesday, that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu plans for Israel to remain in the Gaza Strip for 10 years.

According to the Times of Israel, estimates indicate that “the first phase of the war, which aims to eliminate… Hamas “It will take a year or two.”

The newspaper added, “The plan involves another 8 years until an alternative government is settled.” Gaza strip After the destruction of Hamas.

During this period, “Israel will have to maintain its continued presence in Gaza,” according to the plan.

And it was Netanyahu He repeatedly emphasized that the war on Gaza would not end until the Hamas movement was eliminated, but he ruled out Israel’s reoccupation of the Strip.

The Times of Israel explained that the Gaza Strip will look in 5 or 10 years “just as the West Bank looks now.”

She added: “The Gaza Strip will be disarmed of heavy weapons and placed under partial Palestinian control such as the Palestinian Authority, with endless Israeli strikes and operations on terrorist centers deep in the Gaza Strip.”

According to the plan, the sector will witness “raids such as those carried out by the Israeli army in Nablus and Jenin, the destruction of terrorist homes (if they are rebuilt by then), and nightly arrests will continue in Khan Yunis and Shujaiya.”

The Times of Israel said that Netanyahu and those close to him do not expect Israeli military rule in Gaza, nor the establishment of settlements there, but “Israel will control Gaza from a distance,” according to the plan.

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