New developments in the Issam Sasa accident after he ran over a young man at the top of the ring road

12:33 PM

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Books – Saber Al-Mahlawi:

The Public Prosecution ordered the arrest and summons of festival performer Issam Sasa, on charges of causing the death of a young man, in a collision at the top of the ring road, in the Talbieh area.

The Forensic Medicine Authority’s report was received regarding Issam Sasa’s positive use of narcotic substances while driving his car during an accident that accidentally ran over and killed the victim.

Giza Investigations prepared a security mission from the Talbieh Police Department to implement the Public Prosecution’s decision to arrest and bring in festival performer Issam Sasa.

An official source revealed that the security services have not been able to arrest festival performer Issam Sasa yet; To implement the Public Prosecution’s decision.

The source explained that Issam Sasa is currently outside the country to participate in a concert in the sisterly Emirates, noting that the festival performer will be arrested upon arrival in Egyptian territory and deported from the airport to the Public Prosecution.

The Public Prosecution had released Issam Sassa on bail of 30,000 pounds pending the case, after he was presented to forensic medicine for a drug analysis.

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